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What we share...

We DON'T share any personal information or emails and you can unsubscribe at anytime by logging into your account. 

We do have cookies for your convenience only and you can control that on your computer. Cookies help you find the last page you visited faster and it can save your account information, if you wish. 

How often will I get emails from you?

Not very often! Currently I have been in business since April 2017 and have sent 1 email to my subscribers so far.  

Will I get an email to notify me when my order ships?

You sure will! And once it is assigned a tracking number, you can click on the number and see when your "GOODS" will get to ya!

Promote current deals with email or just Facebook?

I will only send you, my elite subscribers, additional coupons that I will NOT be advertising on Facebook. 

What if I already follow you on Facebook, will I be able to see all the deals and give-a-ways?

I will have Facebook only coupon codes and give-a-ways and I will also have email subscriber only coupons and give-a-ways. Two different events so sign up for both to get all of the deals!

Additional email benefits....

If you choose, I will email you FIRST about give-a-ways, sales, coupons, shipping codes and games. Any games being played will be open to you first as long as you are a subscriber to email AND LIKE and FOLLOW The Big Rusty Horse's Facebook page. You are the elite!